CostMiner User Guide


The CostMiner system has 5 main modules: Jobs, Contact, Reports, Lookups and My Business. You can switch between them by clicking module names in the menu at the top.


Let's take a closer look at the modules.

Jobs Module

Here are some things that you can do in the Jobs Module:

  • Create jobs and enter estimates for them. It is possible to define a job template that includes a prefilled estimate and some other job parameters. When a new job is created, you can select a template for the job and enter the values that vary from job to job, such as quantities. The rest of information will already be there.

  • Serach existing jobs by various criteria and change them.

  • Generate quotes and invoices for your customers. The system allows entering mark-up for different types of resources, such as labour and material, which will be added when a quote or invoice is created.

  • Track job progress.

  • Print out a shopping list for a job.

  • Review the summary of the estimate.


Contacts Module

The Contacts Module allows you to create Contacts that can be allocated to jobs. The Contacts Module also shows all jobs related to a Contact.

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Reports Module

The Reports Module produces different printouts that help analysing the job and rate information.


Lookups Module

The Lookups Module helps managing reference information, such as Resource Types and Estimate Templates.


My Business Module

In the My Business Module, you enter your business details, choose a logo for quotes, check your bills and account balance and make payments for the service.