Report Viewer

Various documents produced by CostMiner are displayed using the Report Viewer screen. A document, such as an invoice, can have different designs. You can choose a pre-defined design or create your own with the help of the flexible Report Designer.


  1. Change the parameters on the left-hand side if required (the invoice number and date in the above screenshot). The report will be updated automatically.

  2. Click 'Print' to print the report.

  3. To re-generate the report, click 'Rebuild'.

  4. To download the report as a PDF document, click 'PDF'.

  5. To export the report to Excel, download it as an HTML file by clicking 'HTML', and then open the file in Excel by selecting FILE > Open.

  6. To choose a different design, select it from the drop-down.

  7. To copy a design and start editing it, click 'Copy'.

  8. To delete a custom design, click 'Delete'. A standard design acannot be deleted.

  9. To start editing the current design, click 'Edit'. The window will switch to the Report Designer mode. Standard designs cannot be changed. If you try to modify one, the system will create a copy and start editing it instead.